Untitled Document Evolution software:
Evolution is proprietary, customized referral management software designed by Evolve, which revolutionizes customer service. Evolution was created to permit exponential expansion, permitting greater functionality and efficiency for clients. Additionally, it was created on the SmartSimple platform, an industry standard, which permits easy integration with case management systems.

Unique Evolution features:

Completely Web Based: All Evolution functionality is delivered through any browser
on any computer. The functionality of the system is easily extended into your corporate
website with no installation required.

Easy Integration: Evolution is written in Extensible Mark-up Language (XML, FRS
and LinXML) which allows simple integration with client databases in order to share structured data, particularly via the internet. XML streamlines your processes by being user-friendly with other major platforms.

System Security: Due to the diverse clients using Evolution; government, insurance
and financial institutions, we operate under the same protocols as online banking. Evolution utilizes a two-tier security model. All communication uses HTTPS with SHA1 password and SSL (128/1024) encryption. External sign-up and entry point URLs are encrypted and we encode documents to serialize data for maximum security.

On-Demand Applications: Evolution includes over a dozen on-demand applications that
address client requirements and provide immediate access. Work flows can be measured
throughout the system to automate approval, create alerts and acknowledge entries as
required. Daily status reports are also available via facsimile or email.

Extendibility Data Model: The Evolution software can be extended without programming to gather and report on any number of additional fields, which allows full client integration. As your business requirements Evolve, we can easily modify the system to meet your requirements.